We're giving Vine one last loop.

Who's doing this?

Tubefilter and Snakt have partnered to pour one out for Vine one last time.
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Tubefilter is the most trusted and widely read source for YouTube and online video news, analysis, and events. Through its trade news and analysis, community events, and creator advocacy programs, Tubefilter has helped to foster the growth, promotion, and legitimization of a new, independent professional entertainment industry.
Watch, React, Collab with Video Creators
Snakt is the first ever video-to-video platform, where you can remix and reply to any video from anyone, turning videos into legos that build on each other. With Snakt’s game-changing technology, every video you see is remixable, and you can now react to your favorite videos with direct video replies.

This sounds Awesome. What IS IT?

You were sad when you found out Vine was going away. The WHOLE INTERNET was sad when it found out Vine was going away. We were sad, too. And we couldn't shake the feeling that Vine and the creators that once made up its thriving community never quite got the send-off they deserved. We want to remedy that.

BEST VINES EVER is a final celebration for the creators, content, and community of Vine.

Fans can view and vote on their favorite Vine content from popular influencers. The month-long celebration will result in a fan-voted Top 100 countdown, along with a fun-filled awards ceremony at NeueHouse Hollywood on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 featuring special category awards chosen by judges selected from industry pros and digital peers. Entries to the contest open Tuesday, March 14, and fan voting begins Friday, March 17.

Download the Snakt app now to watch and vote for your favorite Vines today.

How does this all work?

Vine creators can enter their work and fans can vote on their faves by following the steps below:
Entries & Voting

Any former Vine creator can participate by filling out the entry form. Then all your Vines – complete with original captions – will be available on the Snakt app for fans to vote.

Fans can vote within the Snakt app with just one touch of a Vote button.

  • Key Dates and milestones:
  • • Creator Submissions: Open
  • • Friday, March 17 - Fan Voting Begins

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